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  • Webdesign 

  • Write a business plan

  • Strategy & Growth

  • Budgeting 

  • Social Media/ Marketing


We strive to maintain a balancing act of encouraging business owners, while honoring the vision and mission set forth by the governing board, management team or CEO through assessment, implementation and evaluation.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has evolved as an industry over the past 10 years and continues to change daily as Google pushes new updates.

Currently (2020) the buzz is 'entities' search, instead of keywords.  In short, Google will begin searching for entire blocks of information and less for specific keywords.


By working with the best digital marketer in town, the goal will be to increase your web presence, create solid email campaigns, social media to your benefit, and ultimately DRIVE traffic to YOU.

Build Excellent Culture

Need some pizzazz in the office? Build better culture from the top down.  We teach business owners to model the type of behavior they want to see in their employees and how to rid poor behavior using the 'no jerk' rule.  Leadership training is most helpful here.  Know thyself.  

Team building workshops available. 

Think lean. Iterate & pivot

'Lean' is more than going easy on the checkbook.  It is a methodology of launching before fully developed, and iterating on the fly, while pivoting when needed.


Test ideas.  Conduct feasibility studies. Research who has already tried this space and what was learned. 


Mostly, get out of the office and get to know your customer.


Launching, while iterating in progress is lean thinking.

Streamline OPS

Operations gets down to the detailed work of daily life in a business. Together we will work to uncover manholes where money is disappearing. Common issues are: personnel, supply chain management, redundancy, or poor time management.  

Define Priorities

To achieve work life balance, priorities are a must.  Along with a solid business plan comes a mission and vision statement from the heart.


Memorize it and post it on every wall in the office because you'll need the reminder.  


And, don't forget, your spouse and kids will need you.  


Make time for balance and a vacation.

Start-up to GO Live

Opening a new business is a daunting.  Proper project management (eating the elephant one bite at a time) is best achieved with planning.  Let LBC walk with you to create smooth transitions and get a full lift-off.  

We have the elements for a great business launch:

Simplify Processes

Get down the bare bones.  What can you live without? More than you think.  Let us help you decipher what is bogging down the work cycle of your day.  From hiring to orientation to delivery of product, we will assess the ways to cut the excess, save money, time and energy. This the strongest skill we possess.  Don't skip its importance. 

Full Scale Digital Marketing

The importance of GMB (Google My Business) is ever present as it encompasses the entire right hand of SERP (Search Results Engine Page).  Don't miss the chance to capitalize on Google's newest features: products (beta), reviews, etc...

Plenty of local firms specialize in this ever-changing digital landscape. I can direct you to a solution which fits your budget.


Did I mention Sesame Street ? BERT  release by Google says use natural language in content writing for optimal results.  Good conversation never goes out of style.

Pushing through the growth wall

The common business model sheds light on the need to evolve to stay relevant and viable as a business. Hitting the wall is common at several points in business.

Let us help you surmount the wall and move forward.

Hire well

Dave Ramsey, owner of Ramsey Solutions, LLC, and popular financial talk show host, is quoted as having a 7 step interview process.  


A candidate will see 7 different people in his company before they are granted the privilege to join his team.


Weeding out good from bad candidates saves an entire year's worth of salary when you consider the cost of turnover.  


Let us help staff you with the best or remove those dragging down the team.  

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